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TRACK OF THE DAY: The Chevin – ‘Under the Thunder’

After six steady years of non-disclosure from The Chevin, with only the thought of the occasional Coyle Girelli solo show to keep our minds vaguely attentive, the Yorkshire outfit finally returned this August arm in arm with gigantic, pounding revelry. New single, ‘Under the Thunder‘ is nonetheless, as the title suggests, a wild force of nature. Uncompromising, vigorous and flashy with a touch of untamed delicacy. It’s true, 2019 is anything but predictable.

The intensity of the band’s seminal recordings hasn’t been lost, in fact we’d go as far to say that the strength of self has even matured, the band practises astute awareness of their signature sound leaning into their inclinations for bombast and fluidity – a great use of contrast. The Chevin has a distinct artistic vision, flashes of outside influence bear into focus every so often yet quickly haze out of view by the sheer might of Coyle Girelli’s high pitched, husky range. It’s a beautiful attribute that never gets old, nor does it lose its potency or impact.

‘Under the Thunder’ is ambitious from the core – a U2-sized stadium filler with undertones of the Killers and an orchestral arrangement which reference Kate Bush; the emotional centrefold of the song, its beating heart, resists the surrounding drama that the production provides and keeps the message clear and simple. A person torn apart by loss, grieving in kaleidoscopic colour. This isn’t a mournful ballad, it’s more a requiem of remembrance, words not uttered to the beat of existential contemplation, a paean of emotional dissonance.

Enveloping and dexterous, ‘Under the Thunder’ reminds us that music can be anything we want it to be but most essentially, a raw form that unites and celebrates powerful messages.

The Chevin’s ‘Under the Thunder’ is out now via SO Recordings – available to Stream/Purchase here.

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