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TRACK OF THE DAY: Talkboy – ‘Wasting Time’

What’s the true test of a band’s quality? Is it being phenomenally likeable? Is it having wild energy intravenously fed into every performance? Is it having great ideas packed with musical intricacies? No. The true test is showing the band’s track to a friend and seeing if they’re humming the melody after only one listen. If you go looking for any one of these things, you’ll find them all with Talkboy. They’re the best band in Leeds. Prove me wrong.

The track in question is ‘Wasting Time,’ and let’s cut to the chase; it’s brilliant. Like a Tesco Extra open 24 hours even during the World Cup Final, it has everything you could possibly need. Rich vocal layers are stacked high, flirting with wailing guitars and pounding drums, instantaneously catching your attention hook line and sinker. Subtle in places, in others outright ballsy, ‘Wasting Time’ is a masterclass in catchy, hook-driven power pop, bolstered by great playing and flawless production. It’s a marvel.

It isn’t surprising for a sextet to sound so rich and beefy. What is surprising, continually, is how utterly rammed with great arrangement ideas this song is. From the Beatles-inspired mellotron opening to the way the chords and backing vocals hover above the moody verses, the band are incredibly precise in targeting your happy and sad buttons. Talkboy speak a modern emotional language. Always relatable but never shallow, the lyrics hint at fragility, money troubles, relationships, and the basic lack of enough daylight hours. The fearful and understated male vocals and powerful booming female vocals are downright refreshing, a better, more informed take on life’s turmoil that covers all flavours of stress for all genders.

There’s plenty more to be said about ‘Wasting Time.’ Too many praises to sing. The short version is: it is utterly sensational. Talkboy are on the up and up. Get on the ship before the Earth explodes beneath them from sheer musical force.

‘Wasting Time’ is out now via Come Play With Me / LAB Records – available to Stream/Purchase here.

Photo Credit: Portia Hunt

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