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TRACK OF THE DAY: Tom the Lion – ‘Tanks’

Sometimes, you don’t get the song. But that’s why you keep listening. Tom the Lion is a curveball in musical terms. The first time I listened to ‘Tanks’ I couldn’t figure it out. But give it a second listen. You might find something you like. I did.

The alternative rock influences are all here. I hear shades of Radiohead and Elbow throughout. Different sounds and flavours appear from nowhere. The oscillator section just after the chorus, the Rhodes keyboard in the background. It’s a reject child from The Bends or Asleep in the Back. Not a bad one, either.

Tom’s vocals are unremarkable, but the lyrics are. They’re an enigma. There’s themes of war and the self, but I can’t quite put them together. I was thrown at “I want chips and a burger.” Have a listen and see if you can figure them out, cos I can’t. I actually like the confusion though. It kept me listening.

While listening to Tom the Lion, I had a thought: what else? What else has this guy got to offer? I don’t get what he’s on about, but I want to find out. And I know I’m going to listen to more. I have to find out what it’s all about. I think you’ll feel the same way. Have a listen. See what you think.

Tom the Lion’s new album ‘Round Trip’ is scheduled for later this year. The first single, ‘Tanks’ is out now – available on limited edition vinyl, here

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