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TRACK OF THE DAY: Sam Wilde – ‘On The Run’

Leeds based singer-songwriter Sam Wilde creates a gritty, anthemic atmosphere in new song ‘On the Run‘, based on the internal mental struggles associated with overthinking. Packing a punch from the beginning, the listener is engulfed in gutsy guitar riffs and incisive drum beats, as Wilde’s rugged vocals enhance the song’s ’90s guitar band feel.

Sam Wilde had one hell of a 2018; supporting the likes of Billy Lockett and Dan Owen, and if ‘On the Run’ is anything to go by, 2019 is going to be an even bigger year for the singer-songwriter.

Explaining how ‘On the Run’ was born, Sam Wilde says: “‘On the Run’ is really about the struggle of overthinking situations. It’s better to face your fears head on rather than run away, especially when those fears may have only been made worse in your own head. The idea came from a conversation I had with a close friend; he was worrying about a lot of things and asked for my advice. I wanted to sum up how I thought he felt in the verses, and the chorus is, in a way, my advice to him.”

Currently playing a string of shows over the next few months, don’t miss Sam Wilde at one of the dates below:

12th February – Oporto, Leeds (supporting Alex Tracey)
9th March – The Spice of Life, London

‘On The Run’ is out now – available to purchase on iTunes, here.

Find Sam Wilde on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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