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TRACK OF THE DAY: Kita Menari – ‘Pretty Sure’

Young and full of newly appreciated life, Kita Menari brings us a down-to-earth single with beachy vibes to kick off the new year. ‘Pretty Sure’ is steeped in dreams and a low-key brand of indie-pop that rides the waves with quiet ease, but the waters have not always been so serene.

Formed in 2017, Kita Menari has an interesting backstory that lends to, and essentially created, the carefree and receptive tone of their music thus far. Hailing from the Netherlands, front-man Micha de Jonge came face-to-face with a near death experience while scuba diving in Malaysia. Lost for air, upon resurfacing, he inhaled a night wracked with adrenaline and partying only to wake up with his musical moniker tucked neatly away in his pocket. In an interview on the official website, De Jonge states, “I don’t know how it got there and I didn’t know that the words meant ‘we dance’ in Malay. As soon as I found out I thought ‘that’s it’!”

Taking every day with new-found affirmation, Kita Menari’s music plays to the indie-pop tune with minimal electronic embellishments. There is also a hint of surf-pop present in the overall composition, underlaying the melodic guitar set and rhythm. It is light and airy, transporting the listener to a distant shoreline of the unspoken dreams about which De Jonge sings: “I don’t know what you’re dreaming of / But I’m pretty sure it’s not enough.” Though melancholic, the sentiment of his words is eclipsed by the untroubled culmination of his musical drive, resulting in the lighthearted.  

Simple yet well-balanced, ‘Pretty Sure’ envelopes you in a warm cocoon of synth and falsetto, all held by a light beat reminiscent of something wonderfully polyphonic. Still fairly new to the scene and already successful on home soil in the Netherlands, as well as the British charts, Kita Menari has potential to grow into a well-polished band. Slipping away into such dreams, we’re pretty sure they do have enough.

‘Pretty Sure’ is out now – available to Stream/Purchase here.

Photo Credit: Joram Kaat & Rens Polman

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