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TRACK OF THE DAY: Billie Marten – ‘Blue Sea, Red Sea’

Upon hearing the first beginning guitar strums, it seems the all so colourful Canadian band, Alvvays has a new song out or even the dreamy American alt-rock Mazzy Star is back with happier tunes – but no, once we hear the first word sung, it’s the beautiful voice of Billie Marten creating a sweet tantalising new song.

Not long after debuting her single ‘Mice,’ Marten has returned with another musical gem: ‘Blue Sea, Red Sea‘. The song really engulfs you within its warm, upbeat, seventies Americana vibes – a vivid contrast to her previous work. While her past songs such as ‘Bird’, ‘Cursive’ or even ‘Milk & Honey’ had this intimate acoustic feel about them, they did feel sad (the good kind, mind) and a little lonely. 

However, ‘Blue Sea, Red Sea’ invites us to daydream away while conjuring up images of long hot California road trips with windows cranked wide open or invoking nostalgic images of those summer back-door open garage jam sessions scenes you see in kitschy American movies. 

With all summer imagery, it might not come as a surprise that the song was written by Marten while she was going through seasonal affective disorder and whilst feeling a little blue, “I decided to sit and write the happiest, simplest pop song I could. I was really missing my family at the time and felt like I needed to fall into a clear blue sea or something. I liked the idea of the Jewish pilgrimage to the Dead Sea, where salt strips your skin clean and everything is new again.

With her soft voice Billie Marten can – and will possibly – always cast a spell upon us, so it’s with a smile we should embrace this change in music – and the catchy ‘la, la, la’s’ within the song may even have you singing along too.

So, if you’re feeling the icy winter cold the month of November has now unleashed, turn up ‘Blue Sea, Red Sea’ to warm your soul and dream about the long, hazy days of summer.

Billie Marten’s new track ‘Blue Sea, Red Sea’ is out now and available to stream/purchase here.

Photo Credit: Katie Silvester

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