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TRACK OF THE DAY: Oddnesse – ‘It Runs Wild’

Are you afraid of what lies beneath your skin? That’s the concept that Los Angeles artist Rebeca Arango of Oddnesse attempts to explore in the latest track ‘It Runs Wild’ – a trip of telltale intensity and an enchanting kind of atmospheric closeness.

Oddnesse is a musical project set up by Rebeca Arango herself as well as producer, Grey Goon – both known for their love of dark addictive groove. ‘It Runs Wild’ is a unique track, getting under the feeling of not quite knowing ourselves and weighing up the force within; opening abruptly with a plunge straight into plashes of guitar.

Lush layers and chant-like harmonics, closely recorded, seem almost to blow on the ear as they enter too – underlining that this is indeed a track intimate in its intensity. Skilfully so. “Tell me where it hides,” Arango’s voice invites, adding beautiful depth, seeming to unlock spirals of synth as it builds.

For this seems to be track constructed to unfold, open and blossom to the listener;  an immersive effect I think would have been served even more powerfully if Arango’s vocals were slightly higher and clearer in the mix.

But then again, it is the near-blend of voice with the music which makes the sound even more visceral at points, as if swilling through the senses – the title line “It runs wild,” turning over the tongue to enhance the final word.

Another aspect worth noting is the skillful shifts in the dynamics of this track; from  a heavy opening composition and a close-felt texture, to a more relaxed second verse, Arango’s voice moving to become effectively almost conversational in tone. This, developing mood all the more.

Then the track tips into fairy-tale depths, with lines like: “I hear it whispering in the dark” and “Come out, come out/ Wherever you are,” along with eerie keys and yet areas of upbeat which express the turbulence of feeling that comes from encountering the depths of ourselves.

It is the closing lines of the track which after all enhance the confusion and yet capacity at the core of being; talking of “Falling – but I know there is no floor.” This piece of music instead invites us to keep exploring, keep delving – deep, glistening sound with plenty of movement and sensuality. Highly recommended.

The new single ‘It Runs Wild’ is out now via Make More Records – available on iTunes here.

Find Oddnesse on Facebook and Twitter.

Emily Oldfield
Lover of music, poetry and Manchester.

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