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TRACK OF THE DAY: Cuesta Loeb – ‘Dive’

There’s a great episode of the much-missed sitcom Frasier where the good doctor encourages his listeners and family to make a leap into the unknown; to take a chance on something new. Inevitably the results are not quite what they all expect.

On ‘Dive’, her first single for Fierce Panda, Cuesta Loeb is urging the same kind of seize the day attitude – although, hopefully with less comedic results.

“It’s a song about falling in love and finally wanting to be vulnerable and giving it all in a relationship, diving in and not looking,” explains the LA-based singer.

‘Dive’ is something of an early-90s throwback with its shoegazing-style washes and effects, but underneath there’s a satisfying guitar grind which adds enough depth and ballast to prevent the tune from floating away.

Loeb’s vocals are breathily heartfelt and pierce the instrumental effects like a pin poking through gauze. It put me very much in mind of Blur’s debut ‘She’s So High’ although less immediate and without the poppier edge – which is not necessarily a bad thing If you’re looking for a little more intensity.

A debut Cuesta Loeb album is due later in 2018. For now, the single is available to Stream/Purchase here.

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