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TRACK OF THE DAY: Philip Whitehead – ‘Winter’

Inspiration can call from anywhere and anything, the only responsibility we have is to listen when it whispers. The world around us offers many breathtaking epiphanies and stark realities – and particular allure is placed upon the four seasons. Changing climates profoundly affect so many aspects of life, and this is where Philip Whitehead takes inspiration for his new single, ‘Winter’.

Through looping voice and precise arrangement, Whitehead has crafted a track that speaks greater than its subject. No element is misplaced, every progression is considered and applied in the most effective way, so when the crack of beat and amplification of instrumental travels into view out from under supple but subtle neo-soul, the yearning for a new landscape is satisfied yet never wholly plateaued. It’s a fantastic use of movement and build, Whitehead stands up in this moment and owns his artistry.

Speaking of the themes behind ‘Winter,’ Whitehead reveals: “The song is about my experiences with Seasonal Affected Disorder (often referred to as Winter Blues), and describes the slow recession into hibernation that always seems to happen to me and many others like me as the days start to get shorter. It’s a feeling everyone can relate to, but some are affected more than others and I guess this song, to me, has become something of an anchor and a gentle reminder that winter never lasts forever.”

Whether acknowledged or not, Winter seems to suit Philip Whitehead more perfectly than he realises.

The new single ‘Winter’ is out now – and available to purchase on iTunes here.

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