LIVE PREVIEW: MILK presents… ‘Get Over It’

Ever miss school discos? The weird exuberant atmosphere you can only get from a mix of too much squash and cupcakes and Saturday Night by Whigfield blasting at a pleasant volume, just make sure you’re home and tucked in by 10pm.

MILK are two Glaswegian gals who have been banging out the club tunes for seven years. While one of them has recently moved to London, they’re still out there bringing the tunes of the days of Sunny Delight and Pokemon cards being banned from the playground. Last week they debuted their first London night, Get Over It, at the Amersham Arms (video here), and next month they’re ready to do it again: 11th of November, again at the Arms. It’s gonna bop. Especially if you like karaoke, MTV Awards-inspired visuals and the song Heaven by DJ Sammy, and if you don’t you probably ain’t got a soul.

Get Over It is LGBT-inclusive and £3 advance tickets are available from Outsavvy.

Lee Whear
Amber Leaf-smoking lover of God-given rock & roll, also writes for Hooting & Howling and thnksfrthrvw

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