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After succeeding triumphantly as the crowned winners in the last edition of #BitterSweetPlaylist, we now satisfy our promise by gifting an exclusive chat with Norway’s Great News. The song which landed them here, ‘Wonderfault’ – is the first treat to be lifted from their debut album, and just one of the irresistible moments that the band has brought forth from their overflowing catalogue of synth splendour. Technicolor euphoria meets washes of shimmering vocal harmony and pyro-like sonics, to culminate in the grandest spectacle yet from Great News – ‘Wonderfault’ is just the beginning, we can’t wait to see what comes next.

In ‘Many Things About…’ we like to keep the questions entertaining and random, but most importantly, revealing. (After all, that’s what you came here for, right?) So we hope you enjoy, and let us know who next you would like to see in the hot seat.

What first attracted you to music?

F-zero and beer.

What is it about writing songs that you most enjoy?

Writing songs makes us feel like actual musicians. And that’s a great feeling. Not all are born rockstars, but luckily we were.

Tell us a song that you know all the words to…

Run to the Hills – Iron Maiden 

Do you have any hidden talents and if so, what?

We are really great at generating revenue & profits. Usually we invest all of the band’s excess capital in the bond-market, in various derivatives and other high-risk financial instruments. Last year yielded a great profit for us, which we have re-invested in the Japanese CFD-market.

Can you tell us a fact about your new single – ‘Wonderfault’?

The song is 114bpm. Pretty metal right?

What’s your favourite dance move?

The static breakdance-move “BabyFreeze.”

What has been the best gig you’ve played so far?

We haven’t played our best gig yet, but we had a really great bowl of soup before playing KoKo in Camden. It was amazing, they called the soup FO. That’s kewl, fo sho.

How do you take your coffee?

In our mouths.

If you could play a show at any world monument, where would you play?

We have thought about hiking up Mount Blanc. So that’s probably happening next year.

What’s your favourite synth sound?


What’s the best piece of news you’ve heard this week?

That Willie Nelson is doing a feature together with Asap Rocky. Worlds colliding!

What’s the best thing about the music scene in Bergen?

It’s rainy like Liverpool, so we hangout inside making music. We also have a ton of fish.  

If you could get a selfie with any celebrity, who would that be and why?

King Harold of Norway. The reason is obvious; he is the King.  

What’s coming up for Great News this year?

We are playing, we are releasing, we have a tremendous amount of shows coming up, we are travelling more than ever and we are getting stronger (physically). This year is going to be great, it’s gonna bring some news, and those news will in turn be great. It is going to be Great News.

The latest single ‘Wonderfault’ is out now – and is available on iTunes here.

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