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TRACK OF THE DAY: Little Grim – ‘Infectious’

Little Grim strikes gold on contagious new single ‘Infectious’.

A crimson brooding love song that details all the foreboding sentiment that lies under the surface of romance. It’s almost a little harrowing to really listen in on the lyrics, not only because it’s something that we can relate to in one way or another, but also because you get the feeling that there is something deeply dangerous about the narrator in this song. “You never get what you wanted / You never get what you want” is repeated over and over towards the end, it’s almost as if sirens are trying to break through the heavily rung-out guitars to deliver the message further, and thus sums up the concept nicely.

Opening with shimmering subtlety, singer Joe Murphy’s eerie falsetto vocals radiate an almost-R&B transcendence about the track, before spiralling into a whirlwind of bright guitars and distinct rhythms. Effortlessly crafted, ‘Infectious’ truly is the sound of a band flexing their muscles and showing off their valour, as they peel away from the archetypal indie band.

Things are on the up for the South London band, ‘Infectious’ is a great step in the right direction for them, proving they have the prowess and aptitude to do truly wonderful things.

Catch Little Grim headlining London’s Old Blue Last on 4th October 2017.

Find Little Grim on Facebook and Twitter.

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