LIVE REVIEW: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Mirror Fury at Bush Hall

To many in the know, Shepherd’s Bush is one of the London’s most underrated gem’s in terms of nightlife. There’s a lot more to do than just losing oneself in the vast open retail therapies known as the Westfield conglomerate. For a town so steeped in culture that dates to the birthing of some of the biggest rock bands of all time, it’s a shame to see that so many people underestimate the district as being just a place to buy shiny things. That’s besides the point though, Bush Hall is one of the most charming venues in the whole of London.

Mirror Fury’s brilliant and beautiful, dreamy indie pop fills the quaint hall. Gorgeous soaring vocals bounce from wall to wall creating a perfect serene blanket over the audience, cushioned by the soft hit of the hammers on the piano strings. Full of emotion, heartbreak, even moments of sweet euphoria, there’s real tenderness in this performance. A yearning for something else or someone else possibly, reflecting on all of life’s most basic yet complex of emotions on a level that is recognisably intricate to each and every person, in our own unique ways, steeped in our own experiences.

Andrew McMahon takes to the stage by himself, only a keyboard in front of him. Opening with ‘Heroine’ by his former band Something Corporate, McMahon’s set looks to be more lighthearted than the previous acts. Joined by a tall bearded figure during his second song, McMahon jests that with every tour he will bring one more of his US-based backing band members out with him. It’s tongue in cheek but the crowd seem to love his aura and his personality shines through on stage.

Love is in the air tonight, it seems, from the mushy, yet flashy love songs, to the amount of people with their significant others enjoying a cuddle and a smooch under the cover of relative darkness. Over the course of his many prolific projects, McMahon has cast a lovers spell through the years and has left the masses in a puppy dog eyed trance.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness’ new album ‘Zombies on Broadway’ is out now, stream / purchase here.

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