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TRACK OF THE DAY: The Travelling Band – ‘Into The Water’

‘Into The Water’ is the latest track from Manchester-based The Travelling Band and is a song which sends us into summer with warm harmonies, guitars glistening with reverb and real feeling.

The song is from the five-piece’s forthcoming album ‘SAILS’, due on 25th August this year, and marks a more ambitious expansion of the band’s sound – taking the form of a transatlantic love song, telling of a long-distance relationship between lovers in New York and England.

Lead singer and guitarist Jo Dudderidge infuses the track with feeling, choosing a reflective opening which rolls into layers of acoustic guitar like a kind of tide – as many of the lyrics are metaphorical, this allows the listener to enter a unique emotional landscape. For example, the lines: “I was on the grass / Picking up some answers,” open up a sense of desperation without being melodramatic, built over a beautifully plucked bassline.

Following the gradually ascending verses towards the chorus, there seem to be strategically inserted intervals to allow for more reflective sections of finger-picking – these more minimalist aspects allow the song to take on turbulence, shape and develop – a little like a relationship itself and reflective of the concept of distance. The tune then builds back up with reverb-soaked guitar, complete with a classic jangle and lines like “Fate has lost her patience,” backed up with male harmonies.

Dudderidge’s vocal quality reminds me a little of Tim Booth, of the Manchester band James – with tight harmonies over accessible melodies – yet avoiding any overt similarity. You could consider this track homage to Manchester’s fruitful musical heritage, in a sense.

The chorus of the track also has the power of being massively memorable yet open to interpretation, the skilful half-rhyme of “Into the water it will be my home / If it takes me years I’ll swim alone,” simple and yet skillful syllabics infused with own rhythm.

Rolled out with an intensifying drum pattern and trumpets – this is a cacophony of seasonal sound which stays tuneful. Gradual, well-paced layering makes this possible, and easing out with strings at just over three minutes highlights a track which can take on eclectic instrumentation and not feel cluttered; a little like a relationship in that it can be packed with a variety of emotion. The track works like the voice of it wants the relationship to. It certainly is passionate enough to make the listener hope so too.

The new single ‘Into the Water’ is taken from the forthcoming album ‘SAILS’, due for release on 25th August 2017 via Sideways Saloon Records/Kartel.

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Emily Oldfield
Lover of music, poetry and Manchester.

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