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A life can take on many forms; the decisions we make impact greatly on the whole, the paths we choose are ours to create, the people we meet along the line make it all worthwhile. When thinking about the important junctures in life, those instances that we consider to be definitive, the building blocks that have made us who we are today, we can base it on instinct or we can take a slightly different approach. To feel those moments, really feel, and let them fuel us forward.

One of our favourite artists, Oregon-native Lostboycrow has hit a turning point. His most personal track to date and the starter for a much bigger project, ‘Real Name’ is the articulation of an artist that is self-assured – embracing every part of the journey that has led him to this point and utilising it as inspiration. We’re always drawn to a person’s beginnings and the characteristics that make them truly unique, so what better way to celebrate a huge turning point in Lostboycrow’s musical career than through reflecting on the defining moments that got him here.

Below is a detailed dialogue with the artist, where he reveals the childhood memories that deeply affected the person he would grow up to be, up to the present day and the art that inspires his world.

The Moments That Made Me

• What may be the earliest memory I have, walking around the house listening to a cassette tape of The Beatles “Hard Days Night”. My dad always had the Oldies on. Roy Orbison, The Beach Boys…Though unbeknownst to me, I’d wager that played a big role in how I would feel and hear music around me.

• Figuring out the “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” on our family piano. My mom was so encouraging with words of affirmation, I really felt like I could play anything after that.

• My good friend Justin showing me the band Journey for the first time. We were obsessed. I’d listen to him (Justin, who had a much prettier voice than I) sing “Faithfully” and I’ll never forget the absolute need to be a part of whatever frequency or world that song came from. It found a place deep within in me and put music in my bones.

• My friend Steven hearing me casually sing “Your Body is A Wonderland” at the drinking fountain during basketball practice and forcing me to try out for choir.

• Singing for the first time in front of what seemed to be a full auditorium. My Choir teacher, to whom I am forever grateful, had chosen for me to sing “Santa Fe” from The Newsies.

• My vocal technician/coach telling me that God simply made Craig Owens different from me. And that not only was it ok, but a very good thing. He taught me how to unlearn everything I thought I knew about what to sound like, and helped me discover the voice only I could have.

• Meeting Dylan William at the Noho Diner, showing him a song I’d written in the parking lot after.

• Moving to Pasadena with Kyle Hill, Zach Grace, Jade Ehlers and Kaitlin Sweet. It was such a creative environment and every single one of them played a huge role in supporting and shaping me as the artist I’d always been.

First song I wrote: I’ve forgotten too many songs to count – but the first song I remember writing for myself is entitled “History”.

It stemmed from a terribly bittersweet moment in Gilmore Girls, in which Lorelei is relaying an encounter with ex-fiancé Max. I remember her saying it was “like we had no history”. It stuck with me. I had to relate. I had to capture it into song. Still one of my favorites.

Moving to LA: I moved down with a couple musicians from Portland. We had no idea what we were doing but I enjoyed the warmth and greenery of Echo Park and I knew somehow it was finally right.

I didn’t really work on music for a good 5 months, but whilst selling my van and guitar pedals to survive on Taco Bell, I made some amazing friendships. These led to moving back in with my childhood friend Kyle Hill who would become part of an incredible support system – introducing me to Dylan William and Jade Ehlers who played such pivotal roles in the artistry I am fortunate enough to share today. Home is people. And LA became home.

Invaluable advice: “If you fuck with you, so will they.”

The new single ‘Real Name’ launches Losyboycrow’s Legend’s, a trilogy of extended players.

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