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TRACK OF THE DAY: The Golden Age of TV – ‘Dust’

Leeds collective The Golden Age of TV are quickly becoming one of the city’s most beguiling new acts. Bringing a surprisingly direct pop edge, their latest single ‘Dust’ is bright, fierce and nostalgic.

Self-contained and sunny, ‘Dust’ picks up from the band’s previous single ‘Between Each Brick’ and combines the same technical approach with a vastly enjoyable piece of dreamy songwriting.

At an abrupt 2:48, the track is at the mercy of a restricted runtime, however it packs plenty of detail into its short-lived presence. The intense and aggressive staccato delivery of the verse instrumental contrasts wonderfully with the delicate floating vocals, and lends to the frantic urgency the song portrays.

It’s a track that delves into un-relinquished passions, and the inherent incomplete sound of the track’s 7/4 time signature enforces this motif of unfinished business. It’s a predictable topic for songwriting, certainly, but done with grace, and with such a tight, stylish instrumental backing, it’s hard to fault it beyond thematic predictability.

To say The Golden Age of TV are ‘ones to watch’ would be a desperately clichéd pun to make, so I will merely say that you should definitely investigate them further. Like Poirot. Or Morse. Or Sherlock. Or that one with David Tennant in it.

Catch the band live this Spring at Newcastle’s Meet the North festival, Live at Leeds and Liverpool Sound City.

Find The Golden Age of TV on Facebook and Twitter.

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