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TRACK OF THE DAY: Polo – ‘Soak’

In anticipation of their upcoming EP, electro-pop trio Polo release a heartache-fuelled war cry in the form of ‘Soak’.

The track makes a melancholy follow-up to their previous release ‘Golden Horizons’ last month. We’re eased into the climactic production through quiet clicky beats and self-confessional vocals. But just as we’re settled, thunderous drums and stabby synths bring this anthemic song to life.

Kat McHugh, on vocals, has formerly explained that the track is about her experiences in a previous, confusing relationship. You can feel the panicked spiralling thoughts in every word and the stripped back closure to the song is a perfect expression of her mental exhaustion.

“Is it my fault I went in circles? I thought if we could just admit to something deeper we could have something. We could be the envy.”

The Leeds based trio’s debut EP ‘Alice’ is out on 10th March via AWAL.

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