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TRACK OF THE DAY: Bryde – ‘Less’

Continuing her work with Bill Ryder-Jones, Welsh songwriter/musician Sarah Howells makes an uproar out of indifference on ‘Less’, as she once again proves the Bryde persona is every bit the brawn that her moniker professes. Praise is far from uttered, sardonic glances are passed to and fro, delicacy is certainly not in the song’s vocabulary – if this is a taste of Bryde at her most vulnerable then sign us up for more.

Each time we reunite with Bryde, the picture expands, the palette broadens, the emotion becomes more palpable, it’s a visceral experience. One which must be consumed wholly, or not at all, at the risk of losing all value the art fuels and projects.

‘Less’ remains devout to the ground which previous singles ‘Honey’ and ‘Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good?’ introduced – scalding raw before ripping off the band aid, zip-lined to rip-roaring grunge guitars, delivered by a cauterising yelp of animosity. It’s true sometimes we all need to vent before we can get to the healing.

Bryde will be heading out on a tour of the UK throughout April going into May, including appearances at The Great Escape and FOCUS Wales. Tickets can be purchased here.

Photo Credit: Lauren Withrow

Bryde can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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