PREMIERE: Bowen – ‘Sustain’

It’s been almost two years since the last time we wrote about Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Bowen and, just like bumping into old friends, it is always a warm surprise to hear from an artist once again and see how far they have taken their craft.

Bowen has kept on walking down the folky path he was on last time we heard from him, but he has ambitiously treaded new pathways to complement the optimistic messages that he delivers through his raw, natural and sheltering vocal. 

‘Sustain’ is an uplifting, mending song that can revive the hopes of anyone in search of fulfilment in the arts world; a call to our truest selves, to the roots we blossomed from. This is reinforced by the new prominent role Bowen has given to the violin, which adds an organic quality to the track that takes one back to Yellowcard’s 2003 album ‘Ocean Avenue’.

A very well produced, self-made video shows Bowen alone, reading in a neatly furnished flat, before a whirlwind of shots that end with him lying on the floor amongst the remains of all he’s smashed down to pieces. The visuals successfully mirror the fast tempo of the song and capture the overwhelming feeling we all get once in a while, reassuring us that, in order to move forward, it is okay to knock down the walls around us.

And progression seems to be the call of the day, with Bowen also ushering in the news of his debut album. Assuring us that there will be no more year-long gaps in releases, a follow up single is on its way in the next month or so and the full-length album will land shortly after.

The new release will be available to stream and purchase later this month, for now Bowen is offering ‘Sustain’ as an exclusive free download for all fans at his Website.

Bowen can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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