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TRACK OF THE DAY: Alex Lucas – ‘Fade Away’

Alex Lucas, former singer/songwriter from The DuBarrys, is back with a solo project in the form of his debut release ‘Fade Away’.

The track takes on a new magical quality whilst retaining the same charming catchiness that made The DuBarrys so enjoyable to listen to. The layered guitar riffs, from the acoustic strumming to the tingly chimes, give the song an almost glistening charm as you float through its melody.

Lucas laments the elusive nature of ‘Alice’ throughout the track. He appears to warn us, in learned fashion, to not make the same mistake he made in chasing after her and move on. “Don’t go looking for Alice, she’s in wonderland trying to find a man. (but) don’t stop looking for magic, ‘cause when you find it, oh you’ll feel it.

If this enchanting first release is anything to go by, we can’t wait to see what else this Belgium-based artist has up his sleeve.

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