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TRACK OF THE DAY: Swimming Tapes – ‘Cameos’

Taken from their debut EP ‘Souvenirs’, London indie dreamers Swimming Tapes radiate melancholic bliss on ‘Cameos’. A succulent sun-soaked taste of a band destined for great success.

Casting an enchanting melody, layers of pensive guitar, wistful sentiment and buoyancy allow a reflective space for Robbie Reid’s longing to punctuate and Louis Price’s undying optimism to take hold. In their best moment to date, ‘Cameos’ has no trouble in heading straight for the heart, zestfully furthering its way towards its end goal – a long-awaited reunion.

Swimming Tapes have found their groove – building emotionally strong sentiments and combining them with their own style of breezy indie rock, and it’s just as picture perfect as a scene lifted from a postcard. ‘Cameos’ is their crowning joy, and while we can’t be certain of what they’ll do next, I think we can almost certainly guarantee that Swimming Tapes have all the goods to produce even more great music.

Swimming Tapes will play their debut headline show in London at the Waiting Room on 13th April. Tickets are available here.

Find Swimming Tapes on Facebook and Twitter.

Charlotte Holroyd
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