ALBUM REVIEW: Toothless – ‘The Pace Of The Passing’

In January 2016, Bombay Bicycle Club announced an indefinite hiatus after a decade of playing together. By this point frontman Jack Steadman was firmly absorbed in the world of electronica and heartbroken fans were assured that other members had various projects in the works. Toothless is bassist Ed Nash’s project and is the first to see the light of day.

At face value, Toothless is intriguing, purely based on the fact that Nash is both singing and playing guitar on this album; an eye-catching move from a bassist in such circumstances. Nash has stated that he has spent every day of the last year contributing to this album in some way, whether it be writing, recording, rehearsing or anything else.

Co-produced by Jack Steadman, ‘The Pace Of The Passing’ unsurprisingly has some sonic roots in the wonderfully expansive sounds of Bombay Bicycle Club, but it would be offensive to call this a side project.

Sisyphus is driven by Nash’s signature fuzz bass and is irresistible; “If you ever let go, we will have to start again,” Nash insists over the top. He continues with the nostalgic theme: “And you look happier than we ever were” he sighs on Palm’s Backside, featuring some gorgeously understated guitar parts as well as guest Marika Hackman’s lovely vocals which intertwine perfectly with Nash’s.

Party For Two itches with a glitchy groove, while You Thought I Was Your Friend (I Want To Hurt You) mixes crisp, lo-fi guitars with a chorus vocal swimming in delay. The Sirens features The Staves and soars into pure harmonic bliss.

Every melody here feels meticulously thought out yet also so natural; you have no idea where any part of the arrangement is going but it always picks the perfect direction and your mind trustingly sinks into the speakers.

With this album, Ed Nash has delivered a collection of well-crafted, sonically intriguing and original songs that refuse to be pigeonholed. This is the sound of a man totally in his element, and he’s only just begun.

‘The Pace of the Passing’ will be released through Island Records on 27th January 2017.

To find more information on Toothless, visit the Website.

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