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TRACK OF THE DAY: Opaeka – ‘Risk’

Brisbane based Roy Gordon is operating under the moniker of Opaeka, his opening induction requires little coercion. The sublime widescreen electro-pop of ‘Risk’ will 100% get the blood pumping.

Struck by the dynamics of human inter-relations, Opaeka was influenced to write about the space between the ‘I like you’s’ and the feelings that follow (relief or rejection?), as Gordon explains: “It’s the raw moment when you tell someone how you feel about them. It’s taking the dive knowing it can go either way.”

Euphoria peaks within the first ten seconds of the track – thumping drums drive Gordon’s impassioned soar to call out his plea: “we can’t love without a little risk.” Moving through the motions, the tempo attmepts to rest and falls to bare bones simplicity with only voice and keyboards in the mix. But the song’s sumptuous indie-pop production never fades completely, allowing the intensity of Gordon’s fight to sink gently into the mind without overpowering.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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