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SuperGlu are a promising band hailing from Manningtree in Essex. When the collective initially formed, only one of the four had actual ties to music, but like the stars aligning when the foursome came together it was a match made in heaven. SuperGlu combine the uplifting joy of Clean Cut Kid‘s indie pop with the raw punch of Oh Boy!, making the end product a bouncing lust of garage indie and power pop. Too sweet to pass up.

We spoke with the band recently about their brilliant new single ‘Dreams’, the realities of being in a touring band and what’s next.

How did SuperGlu meet?

Ben and Alex Brown are two of four brothers, they met though their parents. Ben Brown met Ben Ward met during sixth form College, both being from small villages, they hit it off really quickly. I [Krista] met Ben Brown a few times in Colchester, until about two years ago at Latitude festival, when we connected, playing air piano, drinking the worlds worst bottle of rum and fruit juice.

Your backgrounds before the band formed were drastically varied, what drew you all together?


Your new single is titled ‘Dreams’, a song that shares its title with a certain Fleetwood Mac song. Are you fans?

They are absolutely brilliant. I [Krista] vaguely remember my grandad playing them on his record player when I was a kid. I don’t think our song ‘Dreams’ is named after their song, but then songs can mean anything you want them to mean.

On the subject of dreaming, are you lucid dreamers? Do you remember what you last dreamed about?

I had a really weird dream that I was at work and went outside to take the rubbish out then accidently stepped on a Kangaroo and its head fell off. Should I go and see someone about that?

What are each of your favourite artists and why?

Jeff Buckley because of his voice. Jim Morrison because of his longevity. Patti Smith because of her realness.

Is it hard to stay true to yourself in an industry that glamorises fame and reckless behaviour?

I [Krista] think that from an outsider’s point of view the music industry is glamorised, but in reality you spend most of your time sitting in the backseat of an overcrowded car, getting underpaid for gigs, chasing up promoters, spending thousands of pounds on recording to put the songs out for free. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all totally worth it… yet it’s hard and certainly not glam… Unless you’re Beyonce or something I guess.

What inspires you to write songs?

Everyday stuff… The woman hoovering next door at 7am, eating a meat sausage when you think it’s vegetarian, friends, family, strangers.

Can you talk us through your songwriting process, in relation to current single ‘Dreams’?

I [Krista] think Ben B originally had a dream of literally teaching someone to rollerskate. Though like everything, Ben never really goes into detail about what songs actually mean. As I’ve said songs can mean anything to anyone. He took the melody to the rehearsal room and we all made our own interpretations. It was probably one of the first songs I wrote my own bass parts for and that’s why it’s one of my favourites. From not having played an instrument before, Ben B helped a lot during the early days of SuperGlu, teaching me to play bass etc.

Who are the bands that deeply connected with you when you were growing up?

I [Krista] never went through the ‘Indie music’ stage as a kid. I literally had no interest in it at all. I felt more connected to grime music, it seemed more real and reflected some kind of anger I felt inside while growing up. I was big into American hip-hop, but real hip-hop acts like Murs, Little Brother and the producer 9th Wonder. Yet at the same time I was into Cocorosie, Cinematic Orchestra and Jeff Buckley. I guess I was a bit weird.

What advice would you give for anyone wanting to make it as a musician?

Learn your instrument.

You recently celebrated SuperGlu’s two year anniversary, so it begs the question, what’s next?

We are currently recording our next EP, ‘Fig’ with our good friend George Perks at The Crypt in London. Early next year we are also heading over to the US to play at SXSW festival which is going to be mad. We are all really excited about that.

SuperGlu’s new single ‘Dreams’ is out now on Antigen Records. 

Catch SuperGlu at the following live dates:

12/12/2016 | Tooting Tram and Social, London
16/12/2016 | The Smokehouse, Ipswich
18/12/2016 | Three Wise Monkeys, Colchester
27/12/2016 | Antigen Records Christmas Special, The Swan, Ipswich
25/01/2017 | Sebright Arms, London
28/01/2017 | The Portland Arms, Cambridge

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