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TRACK OF THE DAY: Yes Sir Noceur – ‘Turn To Fire’ (feat. Aquila Young)

Hailing from Australia’s Gold Coast, Yes Sir Noceur’s sound is a smorgasbord of influences that come together to create something unique yet nicely familiar. Their latest single ‘Turn To Fire’ sticks to this no-blueprint blueprint very nicely.

The song trickles into the speakers with a watery guitar, followed by a moody, solid rhythm section. The opening line, ‘Won’t you fly to the sun through the flame?’ cuts through the mix clearly but doesn’t intrude the slow, surf-y backing. It then takes an unexpected left turn and breaks into a thundering Zeppelin-esque gallop, with warm, phased guitars very reminiscent of early Tame Impala. Throughout, the vocals remain sparse but prominent and emotional. ‘I’ll be with… you!’ howls vocalist/guitarist Marc Cowie as the arrangement finally breaks free of its shackles; drums, bass and guitars accelerate out of the 30 zone and onto the freeway. The guest vocals from Aquila Young smooth off some of the harder edges and give the sound a flavour that is often lacking from older records that this is reminiscent of.

This song is masterfully crafted in the art of ‘less is more’ – the raging drums, the bluesy guitars and the I-wish-I-could-hit-that-note chorus vocal are all there but are placed in such a way that you can’t help the desire to listen to it again and again, an impressive achievement considering the track is almost five minutes long. ‘Turn To Fire’ has the sound of a slow burner, but the euphoric chorus and frequent tempo changes give it more than enough flare to fully engage on the first listen, and many more listens after that.

‘Turn To Fire’ is out now on GD FRNDS.

Photo Credit: Jake Wilton

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