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TRACK OF THE DAY: Bison Bonasus – ‘Eddie’s Gone To Tel Aviv’

Kent band Bison Bonasus deliver off-kilter energy and brash schizophrenic time-signatures at a thrilling pace on lead single ‘Eddie’s Gone To Tel Aviv’, taken from their forthcoming new EP. With an opening that hints to The 1975’s ‘Love Me’, Bonasus jest at a harder, rougher venture than the Manchester pop band takes, soon leading into an artsier Spring King-styled stomp, we are offered nothing but an intelligent alternative approach to music making.

Waking to a start with visceral intent, the lead vocal outlines the story of Eddie and his misadventures. The interesting anomaly about Bonasus is that they can’t be boxed into a singular genre, rather they occupy a colourful grey zone in between, they bring together a soulful alternative edge, a noisy fuzz of garage rock, a generous helping of odd-pop genius and something quite psychedelic in their fluid breaks. A great find for those that like their music unpredictable, and distinctly inventive.

‘Eddie’s Gone To Tel Aviv’ is taken from Bison Bonasus’ new EP, ‘Group Portrait With Telephone’ due for release on 2nd December via Famous Friends.

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