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TRACK OF THE DAY: The Pleasure Dome – ‘This Room Is For Gold And There Is No Use For It’

It’s no understatement to say that music in 2020 is being borne out of frustration. Obviously that yields different results for everyone. Also, what frustration are we picking? The list of choices is quite frankly exhausting. But frustration doesn’t have to be exhausting, in fact, it can be quite liberating knowing that you have a […]

Track of the Day

TRACK OF THE DAY: Brooke Annibale – ‘Home Again’

There’s a timeless, lived-in quality to the music that Brooke Annibale produces. Maybe that’s partially to do with her family’s creative roots, which link back to the guitar shop and live sound production studio her grandfather founded. The Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter has hit a rich, productive vein of illustrious, expansive guitar pop over the last decade, […]

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TRACK OF THE DAY: Mae Krell – ‘Home’

Mae Krell is an expressive being, full stop. Never limiting themselves to just one area of creativity but exploring a multitude of artistic pursuits: photography, journalism, songwriting, performance and musicianship. This stark ability is immediately visible in their music; songs of raw, introspective observation permeate Krell’s modest but growing catalogue (which includes debut EP, Anabasis, […]

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IN FOCUS // Huck Hastings

A name change, a new sound, a rebrand – these elements together signalled the start of a new era for Sydney-based musician, songwriter and vocalist, Huck Hastings. After spending a few years out of sync with his solo project, due to other commitments and other musical projects, attention was diverted back to Hastings’ solo pursuits […]

Track of the Day

TRACK OF THE DAY: Lindsay Munroe – ‘Split’

With a trademark self-assuredness balanced alongside open-hearted emotional fragility, Manchester based alt-indie singer songwriter Lindsay Munroe is a regular favourite of ours here at Bitter Sweet Symphonies. As she builds towards the release of her new EP, Our Heaviness (due in May), Munroe follows up her previous single ‘Mirror’ with this latest number, ‘Split.’