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TRACK OF THE DAY: Bull – ‘Green’

If you’re of a certain age, ‘Green‘ will feel as familiar, comfortable and welcoming as a favourite t-shirt plucked from the back of the wardrobe which you find still fits perfectly after all these years.

And if you’re not of a vintage that remembers the early to mid-Nineties because you’ve happily still got youth on your side then – hey! – welcome to the club.

York-based four-piece, Bull, have distilled some of the finer elements of jangly, alternative pop-rock into a dreamy summer anthem that marks their signing to EMI. The band and EMI are working alongside Young Thugs, a record label – also from York – that releases, records and promotes music from the North of the UK.

This track starts out like something R.E.M. would have been happy to claim ownership of, blends in some Teenage Fanclub-style harmonies and defies you to do anything other than nod along approvingly with a grin on your face. There’s a splendidly fuzzy solo at the song’s heart and while the reference points might be clearly retro, they were also clearly retro when Nineties bands were using them and we didn’t hold that against them.

Constant gigging and support slots with the likes of Squid and The Orielles have helped Bull build a fanbase that will surely only be expanded further by this classy charmer.

‘Green’ is out now – available to Stream/Purchase here.

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