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TRACK OF THE DAY: Rebecka Reinhard – ‘No Release’

Swedish dream-pop aficionado Rebecka Reinhard addresses the whale in the room with the slow, rumbling anthem of ‘No Release’. Her newest track follows in the same deeply emotional footsteps of her previous single ‘Whale,’ with promises of a forthcoming EP by the same title.

A wanderer by heart, Reinhard’s music traverses the inner depths of emotion and sound, exploring the more subtle qualities of the dream-pop genre. ‘No Release,’ in her own words, speaks to “all the parts of me that are ever tired, hurt, worn out and fed up,” all finally having their say. The song builds on this foundation in small melodic increments, carefully picking its way through the dreamy mystique that slowly creeps in around the edges.  

In its minimal prelude, Reinhard’s soothing voice echoes in the space, slowly layering in instrumentation. As it builds, the song eagerly keeps you in the fringe of her poetics, swelling at the bridge and then pulling back just at the edge of release to fall again into tranquil lyricism. With each new verse, the music intensifies with small inflections until a wonderful shoegazing texture emerges in a triumphant burst of emotional change.  

In her war cry, ‘No Release’ is hurled over the edge and into the void as dreamy guitar riffs and a steady percussion take over, all wrapped in soft melodic tones that leave you breathless upon completion. The anticipation of release is well worth the wait, and we’ve found that no matter what Reinhard gives us, we’re left asking for more and more.

‘No Release’ is out now – available to Stream/Purchase here.

Find Rebecka Reinhard on Facebook and Twitter.

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