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TRACK OF THE DAY: KAHLLA – ‘Sense of Self’

Lost and overwhelmed. Two words many of us can probably relate to right now. In a world so fast paced with so much freedom – yet somehow still bound to strict conventional societal rules – we find ourselves faced with so much choice that it’s hard to choose – or not much choice at all, and you’re just living a fast-paced life that’s being dictated to you.

Before you know it, you find yourself not knowing who you really are and what you’re doing right this minute is… you. And it’s hard to clear the mind and get back on track. 

Hearing KAHLLA’s newest single, ‘Sense of Self‘ awoke such emotional flashbacks. A song about losing touch with oneself – and feeling all this, not at a time of adolescence – but as a “grown-up” in their mid-twenties, truly strikes a nerve. 

The song reflects a turbulent year of the London-based, German artist and songwriter KAHLLA (whose real name is Freya Volk). After graduating university and heading straight into working life – on top of getting her musical career on the road – KAHLLA found herself lost and overwhelmed. “I basically didn’t stop to take a breather for an entire year, I just kept going.”, she explains. “A few months later my mental health started to suffer a lot. I lost all sense of who I was, what I wanted, what I liked, and where I was headed in life, if I even wanted to continue making music. It was very scary.”

With just a piano and calming beats, and KAHLLA’s soft, near angelic voice, the music holds back and instead lets the lyrics tell the story and the importance behind the words. It makes for a rather raw, vulnerable and beautiful track that comforts and lets you know you’re not alone.

‘Sense of Self’ also kicks off a new year and a new upcoming four-track EP, also titled, Self of Sense (out 20/03/2020). The songs on it, will continue this more instrumentally stripped back, sort of ‘back to the roots’ versions of music and vocals – contrasting to KAHLLA’s previously released singles in 2019.

It’s something new to look forward to and we can’t wait to hear it once it’s here. And should you like to see KAHLLA live – you can do this on the 7th of April at London’s Servant Jazz Quarters.

‘Sense of Self’ is out now – available to Stream/Purchase here.

Photo Credit: Lottie Turner

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