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TRACK OF THE DAY: Silverbacks – ‘Drool’

With its rumbling, vaguely threatening (bordering on passive aggressive) timbre and deadpan delivery, Silverbacks’ latest single ‘Drool‘ is a tense tale of reliance and addiction. Its guitars ring like the tolling of an iron bell. The drums remain as focussed and unchanging as an action hero in a car chase. Discontent is rife, but there’s a forced smile in the delivery.

‘Drool’ is pretty droll, the kind of song you can see taking on a whole other life in a dark club. It mutters in the same hushed and secretive way as Joy Division’s best work, but teamed up with the sly, sardonic vocals that are akin to Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos. It’s quite the crossover.   

If this song were a character, it’d be the quiet contented housemate who you know little about, but always seem to be out on a strangely wild late night adventure. To this end, the song reveals little beyond its original sinister intentions, but certainly sets up for an immersive sequel. It has a good premise, and it repackages a few old ideas in an inventive way.

However, like a night out with perhaps one whisky too many, it all glides by. Silverbacks don’t quite cling to the side of the cliff, falling away into a howling abyss dramatically, but without the payoff of a proper finale. The song sets up a great feel, but doesn’t develop the ideas it has in enough detail. But with a lot to be liked and a lot to be developed, Silverbacks are by no means on the back foot with this strong, if flawed single.

The limited edition AA 7″ with ‘Drool’ and ‘Sirens’ is out now on Nice Swan Records. Silverbacks start their tour proper in May. They play YES Manchester on 13/05/2020.

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