EP REVIEW: Dead Nature – ‘Taking My Shadow’

As a Spring King fan, I’m used to the brash, fast, upbeat rhythms of their sound, yet Dead Nature (aka. Tarek Musa) creates an EP that transports you into a nostalgic, synth bubble of euphoria. I’d recommend listening to this EP with headphones in to truly feel and listen to the sounds and lyrics.

What I love about Dead Nature is I have no idea who to compare them to or how to compute the genre of this EP. It’s clear the tracks are full of a new raw passion – whether that’s the impactful synths, tight drum patterns or Tarek Musa’s effortless vocals, as a listener I’m transfixed.

The first track ‘Fire In Your Soul‘ hits you right in the face with funky synths, powerful guitar riffs and the classic vocals of Tarek Musa that we know so well from Spring King. Upbeat, punchy and full of kick ass energy, this is the perfect opener for Dead Nature’s debut EP.

In My Heart,’ the debut single for Dead Nature, brings a slower beginning with similar vibes to the likes of MGMT and M83. I think this track is a refreshing style and the build of the bridge is so anthemic. Full of gutsy guitar and hard hitting bass lines, this track transports me to that scene in a film where the main character is riding in their car, windows down, and I can imagine this song playing.

Next up is ‘Pride (Wake Them Up),’ it is softer than the first two tracks, yet still has the same aura and stylings. Twinkling guitar jangles, subtle harmonies and drum beats that pack a punch; again, Dead Nature has a talent for creating perfectly refined bridges to grab you and suck you into the full mesh of the song.

Rookwood,’ the last track on the EP, proves why it’s the last track but not the least. Opening with repetitive percussion, soothing synths and soulful vocals, it’s an incredible closer for what is the epitome of what I imagined a debut EP for Dead Nature would be like and more.

If this is what we can expect from Dead Nature, I think we should all be excited. It’s new, raw, full of energy and emotion – it’s Tarek Musa laid bare and in a new light, and I for one am here for what’s in store for the future.

Dead Nature’s EP, Taking My Shadow is out now via Dead Nature Records – available to Stream/Purchase here.

Photo Credit: Joe Wills

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