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TRACK OF THE DAY: Talkboy – ‘All Works Out’

Talkboy, ever poised to fill your ears with rich audio, have returned with a fresh new cut by way of Come Play With Me and LAB Records. ‘All Works Out‘ draws on the same bottomless well of energy as their previous single ‘Wasting Time’. However, never ones to be pinned as one-trick ponies, ‘All Works Out’ marries the band’s usual optimism with moments of sinister sonic suspension.

The track is tightly drawn, channeling The Dandy Warhols and The Wannadies. Stacked with guitars, which dominate the track a little more than usual, synths and bass are buried, letting the big jangly riffs shine through. Though chaotic, the arrangement meshes well, although at times the track feels smashed and compressed, lacking dynamic range. The final bridge brings the tension and the aforementioned sinister undertones, giving us spacey synths and echoing blips that permeate the remainder of the song. 

Heap and Juniper’s voices intertwine with all the chemistry you’ve come to expect, a fantastic assault from their powerful throats. Talk of temporary friends, emotional replacements and life’s struggles abound, there’s tenderness and angst and worry and wonder all at once. You never doubt their conviction, nor the prowess of Talkboy’s musicianship.

I’ve mentioned our expectations of Talkboy many times throughout this write-up, but that doesn’t mean the band have become predictable. Rather, they’re reliably bringing their a-game to every song they drop, and pulling it off regularly. Though not as immediately toe-tapping as ‘Wasting Time,’ ‘All Works Out’ showcases all of Talkboy’s key strengths. It sounds like a band that are sure of themselves (and rightfully so), ready to take the next step into more daring territory.

‘All Works Out’ is available to Stream/Purchase now.

Photo Credit: Portia Hunt

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