EP REVIEW: Nature TV – ‘Ep2’

I can see VCR lines. I can see polaroid photographs. I can hear ridiculous amounts of chorus. I hear Nature TV’s new EP. Ep2 releases on 10th May, and I’ve been getting lost in the sound of my mum’s vinyl collection. And I’m okay with this.

I might be getting ahead of myself, but on the surface Nature TV are so late-80s it’s unreal. The drums are straight and punchy they could be samples. The guitar is flooded with chorus effect, and the bass burbles in the background. I’m getting nostalgic for a sound I’ve never heard before. I like it.

Sanguine’ is the opening track. It’s a good reflection of the rest of the EP. The track mixes repetitive guitar ostinatos, with a driving bass. The lyrics are saucy in that family-friendly-pop way. The kind that talks about the struggles of being together over ‘moonlit dinners.’ The vocals are velvet smooth, a voice to make a heart-throb out of anybody. A neat number.

Moonlight’ is the same idea but more upbeat, less steamy. The chord changes are lovely. They tell a story by themselves. It’s SO refreshing to see a band that isn’t just playing four chords. It’s not jazzy or complex, it’s just colourful. My favourite track of the lot.

Inventory’ is earthier. The guitars are bassier than on other tracks. It feels cosy. The whole track feels laid-back, sultry. The lyrics stand out here too. “It’s harder than it looks to make you smile then want me to keep you on the books, like inventory lovers do.” What a great bit of writing.

She Gets It’ is another neat little track. You can hear loads of funk influence in this one. The drums are light, boxy. The guitars are rhythmic. The backing vocals are a great addition. It adds something that the rest of the tracks don’t have. A cool number to end on.

I’ll be honest, Nature TV are not ground-breaking. But they don’t have to be either. They make fun music, and offer a unique voicing of a classic sound. But don’t let me undersell them. They’re a great little band, and I know I’ve got some new tunes for the drive to work this week.

Have a listen. Tell me I’m wrong.

Ep2 will be released on Friday 10th May – and is available to pre-save here

Nature TV will be performing live at Komedia, Brighton on Tuesday 14th of May, supporting Dutch Criminal Record – everything you need to know is here.

Find Nature TV on Facebook and Twitter.

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