Listen up, folks. We might have a new addictive band in town. 

Meet ViVii. Dream-pop trio extraordinaire hailing from music wonderland, Sweden. 

The trio consist of Emil and Caroline Jonsson and their more mysterious work partner, Anders Eckeborn. A duo before meeting and collaborating with Eckeborn, Caroline Jonsson explains: “It took ages, we were so slow before, but once we met Anders it became easy – we are all slow workers individually but together it’s beautiful. It’s always so natural.” And thus, a duo became a trio and what ViVii is today.

And now after years of planning and tuning to get it just right, ViVii’s debut self-titled album, ViVii is out for the world to get lost in. But this album isn’t just long time coming – it’s about half a decade in the making. But the journey of ViVii doesn’t start with the album making – it actually starts decades before that and includes some good old romance and a wild, whirlwind adventure around the globe featuring some oh-so relatable true life surprises. All of which, inevitably, flowed into their creative process and this brand-new debut album. 

You can really tell a lot of time, labour and love has gone into making their music and the years it took becoming the record we hear now. It only takes a couple of seconds listening into the album to realise: this is something. Each song bares its individual signature yet the album flows as one. 

With previously released singles, ‘And Tragic,’ ‘Suckerpunch‘ – both giving you some serious Lana Del Rey vibes – or ‘Siv (You & I)‘ – ABBA meets Beach Boys, anyone? – the songs on this debut record are going to get stuck in your memory box. 

But it’s also the quieter tunes such as opening track (and current single) ‘Pick Me Up‘ and ‘Fibromyalgia‘ – a mix of sweet Americana infused tones and the winds of the California coast – or ‘Love Love Love‘ which is a beautiful ode to friendship and partnership – that are the yin to the yang of the more uptempo tracks. 

A surprisingly fascinating track is ‘End of June‘ – one which took a little longer to grasp but is a bit of a masterpiece with its array of musical elements that slowly unfold throughout the song, and where music and lyrics really reflect each other.

ViVii really have laid down superb groundwork for their album inauguration. Easy, yet in parts also complex on the ears, it’s a great album to hear on loop without getting sick of it. And because musical preference is so easily swayed by the weather outside, ViVii is a perfect pre-summer record that not only leaves you longing for the summer heat but also gets you through the rainy days in between. 

With so much dedication to this project, it just seems fitting that ViVii have the last words to truly present their debut record to the world: “This is our journey that started five years ago portrayed in music, words and pictures, it’s been a long time coming. The album represents creativity, musical freedom and a safe zone for three vulnerable souls. We are truly proud of this baby of ours.”

‘ViVii’ is out now via Dumont Dumont and you can stream/purchase it here.

Find ViVii on Facebook and Twitter.

Marla Geesing
Music writer with a love for honest lyrics – and may have a serious concert addiction. Based in Germany.

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