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TRACK OF THE DAY: Junodream – ‘Terrible Things That Could Happen’

Building on the low-fi feel of their previous releases, Junodream’s newest offering ‘Terrible Things That Could Happen’ is a brilliant blend of post rock and melodic pop. Though the title is a bit of a clumsy mouthful, the track is jam-packed with wicked riffs, sardonic lyrics, tight, memorable production, and a hook so fiery it risks setting Saddleworth Moor ablaze once again.

‘Terrible Things…’ feels very rich and refined compared to rougher cuts like ‘Winter ’93,’ whilst maintaining Junodream’s ear for catchy licks. Its intimacy warms you up immediately, as do the stutter of vibrato guitars throughout the song. The bass tone is fat, the drums are fuzzy and inviting, and there are wonderful little details throughout, such as single guitar notes that flicker away emphasizing certain vocal lines. It feels like a band coming into their own and really starting to pin down exactly what they want to evoke with their songs.

The track pulls together ideas and influences from across the indie spectrum, from Beck to The Strokes to Pavement, but Junodream pay homage to those influences whilst being self-aware and giving a sly wink and a nudge to their audience. For every line about ‘baseball’ that codifies us to an American outlook, there’s a brit-pop soaked chorus that gives hints of Coldplay and Happyness. This is where the song’s real strength lies. The sighing backing vocals and downtempo lead vocal make the powerful guitar strums all the more beautiful – and the guitar tone is fantastic by the way. Gritty like scrunched up paper, and with a terrific arrangement that ebbs and flows, old melodies step aside graceful for new ones, and riffs delicately intertwine throughout. It’s a highly organized instrumental space, but it never sounds forced, always fluid and natural.

The track would benefit from being a little longer; one more of those gorgeous choruses with a big fiery flourish of new instrumentation to polish off the song like the first cigarette after a meal. However, what we do get is detailed, fantastically fun, and very emotionally rich. You don’t merely listen to ‘Terrible Things That Could Happen,’ you submerge yourself. And what beautifully warm water it is.

Junodream’s EP, also titled ‘Terrible Things That Could Happen,’ drops April 12th. The single is available to Stream/Purchase now, right here.

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