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FEWS are preparing the ground for the release of their second album – Into Red – on March 1st next year, and this insistent, soaring monster of a track will get interest building nicely.

It’s a swirling, fuzzed-up belter that carries an undercurrent of late-night danger in its alt-rock grooves.

The Anglo/US/Swedish quartet have purposely introduced a heavier dynamic in their Malmo recording sessions and this track – named after the Amsterdam venue where it was debuted – is a clear signal that this approach is paying off.

As singer Frederick Rundqvist explains: “Whilst touring last year I was joking around with the guys going like Hey I’ve got a new song!” even though I really hadn’t. I just played an open E for them and yeah, they just left the room. Later we headed to Amsterdam and had two days-off – one day to party and one day to write. We got booked into Q-Factory studios and by accident I did the same joke and added ‘D-B-G’, this time everyone took notice – we worked all day and finished it. Nameless, we decided to try it out at Paradiso, the venue we were playing in Amsterdam. Having made its debut someone yelled ‘PARADISOOO!’ so the name stuck cause it was born there.

But however it came about, there’s little doubting its quality. There’s a suggestion of Pixies about the track and the false ending before the chorus kicks in again will send live fans into a frenzy.

FEWS’ sophomore album, ‘Into Red’, is available to pre-order now – check out the various formats, here.

FEWS will be touring in March 2019:

16th – Vera, Goningen
17th – V11, Rotterdam
19th – MTC, Cologne
20th – Molotow Skybar, Hamburg
21st – Exil, Zurich
22nd – AB Club, Brussels
23rd – Boule Noire, Paris
26th – Green Door Store, Brighton
27th – The Lexington, London
28th – Gullivers, Manchester
29th – Chango, Madrid
30th – Razzmatazz, Barcelona

Photo Credit: Marieke Macklon

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