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TRACK OF THE DAY: Talkboy – ‘Over & Under’

A lot of people go through the motions at social gatherings, to try and keep up appearances or whatever, whereas if they just let go of that kind of stuff they might have more meaningful relationships.” Talkboy’s guitarist Tim Malkin’s statement perfectly sums up my feelings towards their newest release ‘Over & Under,’ it’s not concerned with conforming to any conventions or genres – it’s here for fun.

At its core, ‘Over & Under’ is an energetic danceable track that feels perfect for those social gatherings where you would want to lose yourself a bit, let go of outward appearances. It opens with the central wonky riff, immediately summoning up thoughts of Vampire Weekend or the Strokes, setting out a more loose and psychedelic feel before dropping into the pounding drum beat. Guitars riff out with overdriven tones as the pianos provide another layer and rhythm and melody, clear evidence of Talkboy’s unity as a group and their individual musicianship. I can’t help but sense the post-punk influences and early 2000’s indie rearing their heads throughout the song, a certainly welcome blend of flavours in the already exciting cocktail.

Talkboy have one upped themselves with this release and I can’t wait to see where this group of Yorkshire folk will go next.

Talkboy will join fellow Leeds-based bands Peakes and Caro for the DIY NEU tour hitting Headrow House on Thursday 29th November – tickets are available here.

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