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Using the bare minimum to maximum effect, Peakes glide their way to sleek new heights with new single ‘Still Life’. The alt electro-pop trio from Leeds are working towards the release their as yet untitled second EP through crowdfunding. ‘Still Life’ is a fantastic snippet of what’s to come.

Opening with stripped back, deep bass synths and spacious crystalline vocals, a brooding sense fills the track as the lyrics talk of loneliness and despair. Puckering’s vocals float through the verse nonchalantly before opening up for the simple yet striking chorus, a glistening soundscape that washes over the track for a short but welcome respite.

Building upon the emptiness into the second verse with more layers of ominous synths, drums are introduced just before the second chorus, adding a new dimension and firmly grounding the track from its unwieldy swaying. Giving way to the bridge, the synths start stuttering giving off an even more unnerved and sinister feeling: surrounded by the emptiness but not quite alone.

As a track that is so introverted and reserved, ‘Still Live’ gives us some huge moments that wash over the ears subtly but also leaves space to reflect and succumb to the experience, as though you are whisked into this strange isolated universe. Forced to watch a colourful distortion of other people’s lives through a refraction in a curved piece of glass, contempt with your own company.

PEAKES’ as-yet-untitled EP is available to pre-order, here.

PEAKES’ upcoming live dates:

25th October – The Waiting Room, London
26th October – Gullivers, Manchester (supp. Chloe Foy)
6th November – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Find PEAKES on Facebook and Twitter.

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