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TRACK OF THE DAY: Yawwn – ‘Mercy’

Loaded with pure pop genius, Wimbledon quintet Yawwn shimmer gold with their new single ‘Mercy.’ Dubbed as a psychedelic indie-pop band, Yawwn definitely fall more towards the indie pop side of things with a sprinkling of airy synthesisers that create ambiance amidst some bombastic and mighty melodies.

Stripping back the introduction, ‘Mercy’ opens with a simple combination of drums and synths before diving straight into the vocal in an attempt to build momentum. As more and more layers build towards the chorus, the track explodes into a spasm of dazzling neon in a half time groove, where one might expect the track to accelerate. This is a surprise and a risk which certainly pays off as it gives the song more scope to go in a different direction and cover more ground.

By the time we get to the second verse, we are presented with so many punchy hooks it’s easy to get caught up in the power of the chorus/post chorus/bridge/whatever other musical jargon you might call it. The familiarity of the next verse grounds the song a little more, whilst adding extra flavours and holding the tension once again before blasting into another explosive chorus.

As ‘Mercy’ carries through to the bridge, we are treated to more psychy delights with compelling new chord progressions, luscious production and a fuzzy distorted guitar solo. The track deteriorates in fine fashion into a mess of washy synths and delayed vocals which has jarring yet delightful consequences, finally bursting out in the middle of the chorus for maximum euphoria.

Overall, Yawwn have plenty of quirks so well hidden in plain sight, not knowing whether there might be more to it than meets the eye isn’t such a bad thing. The band show the courage to present ideas in a focused yet experimental way which is uniquely ‘them’. Taking bits from the likes of Tame Impala, Pond and other modern psychedelic groups and blending it with the kind of choruses that Two Door Cinema Club or Coldplay might deliver. Clocking in at a whopping five and a half, ‘Mercy’ leaves a lasting aftertaste while also pondering if there is more yet to be discovered.

‘Mercy’ features on Yawwn’s debut EP ‘Body I’m In’ out now on Secret Dinosaur Records – available to Stream/Purchase here.

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