WATCH: Phobophobes – ‘Child Star’

As the latest single to be lifted from Phobophobes’ unsettling and excellent debut album Miniature World, the accompanying brooding yet simultaneously frenetic video for ‘Child Star’ has given South London’s music scene something to really chew on.

Phobophobes divulge in and draw from the broadest of influences, ranging from The Stooges and Seventies psychedelia to the more contemporary punk and grunge sounds of Slaves and The Wytches, to create a reckless and lethally sexy blend. Spotify would probably call this music for “walking like a badass,” and its groove and attitude is undeniable but I’d disagree. ‘Child Star’ is unashamedly “dark and sleazy” (frontman Jamie Taylor’s words, not mine), boiling up a visceral yearning that certainly can’t be shifted through walking alone.

Musically, Phobophobes pulled no punches on this track. Portions of ‘Child Star’ are functionally white noise, accompanied by cacophonous guitars and the ever present overdriven bass (a stand out part of the song for me). The band’s evaluation of the video can easily be extended to the song itself – “Simple, and perfect in our eyes.”

NME labelled Phobophobes’ music as a “dreamy concoction” but I believe that this misses something crucial in ‘Child Star.’ When experienced with the visuals from the video, it feels more like a propaganda video by a glam-rock messiah, swaying and locking eyes with the viewer as he proselytizes to the viewer, far from the seemingly hazy connotation of the above.

‘Child Star’ features on Phobophobes’ debut album ‘Miniature World’ out now on Ra-Ra Rok Records – Stream/Purchase the record here.

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