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TRACK OF THE DAY: Eliza Shaddad – ‘This Is My Cue’

Love can be such bliss. But when it’s run its course in a relationship, the end tends to get difficult and emotionally messy. Do you end it – should you leave? Can you work it out – or have you changed too much?

Framed beautifully in her current single ‘This Is My Cue,’ singer and songwriter, Eliza Shaddad finds herself wondering just that. Shaddad herself, describes the song as: “Literally what’s going round the inside of my brain in most relationships. This song is about freedom and anguish and trying to find the strength of mind to end things.”

The third single from her upcoming album, ‘Future’ (to be released 26th October 2018), the song, alongside her other two previously released singles, ‘White Lines’ and ‘My Body’ – highlights Shaddad’s excellent knack of storytelling through her songwriting.

With a more darker feel to it than the other songs, this track displays a powerful, near hypnotic vibe that underlines the anguish of the lyrics, making ‘This Is My Cue’ a superb album tease – and us, anxious to hear more. 

Eliza Shaddad’s debut album ‘Future’ is due for release on 26th October, via Beatnik Creative.

Photo Credit: Melanie Tjeong

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