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TRACK OF THE DAY: Bokito – ‘How Dare You’

An encounter more explicit than previous singles in its exhibition of pop, ‘How Dare You’ is a tropical visitation that lands comfortably in summer heat, as Bokito instil their own rhythmic idiosyncrasy into indie-pop’s ever-sunny scenes.

Preserving their avant-garde peculiarities of hip-shake and strut, the London quintet’s syncopated shuffles continue from past releases as the driving force.

Drums and bass dance stop-and-start, as ‘How Dare You’ commits to a casual lean and subtle sway, strolling about an electro-pop atmosphere with plenty of time to spare.

Bokito engage with the tropical bounce that is fast becoming typical of contemporary indie pop, while fusing grooving abstractions into its ‘ooh-lah’ sweet surroundings.

‘How Dare You’ is out now on Grown Young Records – available to Stream/Purchase here.

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