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TRACK OF THE DAY: Johnny Kills – ‘Who’s Counting?’

Johnny Kills, fresh off the back of signing to the appropriately named Killing Moon Records, have birthed their latest chaotic hybrid of surf and punk in the form of ‘Who’s Counting?‘. For those of you who are new to them, the trio operate out of Brighton and London, which is quite evident from the mashing of city and seaside indie influences they showcase.

As a track, ‘Who’s Counting?’ is no far cry from the noisy abrasive quality of previous works, but there’s certainly a victorious quality to it, and a sense of self-affirmation not previously present. Whilst the band continue to sound like the auditory equivalent of a toddler hurling himself into a drum kit, the track becomes quite the pop song once the chorus kicks in. However, wiry vocals and gargling guitars keep things lively, replacing any hint of Syco-esque production for a good old thrash. As someone familiar with the musical past of Johnny Kills, there’s no mistaking this is a band with three guitarists in it, as they form the main wall of the arrangement.

High energy and with plenty of tricks up its sleeve, the song has a great hook, but would really benefit smoother production, as the sonic quality can sound crushed and shrill. However, there’s plenty to like for those who like their guitars beefy and their beats laced with rapid tambourine shaking. What’s more, Johnny Kills are moulding their sound into a recognizable niche; perhaps a British answer to Wavves, finally?

Regardless, the track speaks for itself. Tall tales from the vocals are punctuated by sharp stabs for the verses, and a swimming pool of grime (substance, not genre) for the choruses. Lots to be enjoyed, and plenty of room for development and experimentation. It kills.

‘Who’s Counting?’ is out now via Killing Moon Records – available to stream/purchase here.

Catch Johnny Kills at the following live dates:

17th July – The Old Blue Last, London
20th July – The Victoria, Birmingham

Find Johnny Kills on Facebook and Twitter.

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