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TRACK OF THE DAY: Gaffa Tape Sandy – ‘Meat Head’

Meat Head‘ is the latest single from Bury St Edmunds’ Gaffa Tape Sandy. This rock track is a driving force and filled with energy as vocalist/bassist Catherine Lindeley-Neilson takes lead vocal, setting the tone with her raw yet empowering voice.

Self aware and socially conscious, the single touches on a vital message, of one’s right to their own body and how lines can be crossed at the expense of another. Gaffa Tape Sandy blatantly address rape culture in the single as the chorus screams, “That makes you the worst kind of criminal/ Wait ’til they catch you.” What I really love about this track is the way in which the band use their lyrics, they navigate the territory well without coming across preachy or pretentious: “My body is my body, it’s not yours to confiscate.”

Speaking of the intentions behind the track, the band says: “Meat Head was written as an attack on the type of mind-sets people harbour which involve believing that they somehow own or have the right to the body of another person.” They continue, “The song is intended to be a pointed finger, an accusation and a vexed comment aimed towards reckless attitudes that exacerbate rape culture. It’s a topic we feel strongly about, and so wanted to perform with passion and indignation.”

Gaffa Tape Sandy’s ‘Meat Head,’ is a refreshing anthem on a topic that demands attention – and (gratifyingly) sounds excellent in addition.

The new single ‘Meat Head’ is out now on Antigen Records – available on iTunes here.

Catch Gaffa Tape Sandy at the following live dates:

21st July – Truck Festival
28th July – Y Not Festival
11th Aug – River Town Festival, St Ives
15th Sept – Subterranean Festival, Cambridge
08-10th Nov – Iceland Airwaves

Photo Credit: Burnt Out Media

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