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TRACK OF THE DAY: Pabst – ‘Shake the Disease’

Berlin-based Pabst release confrontational visuals for new single ‘Shake the Disease.’

The video opens up with a cop roaming a dark hallway and quickly pans to the band. “Shake the disease, say no to the police,” the band muses while strobe-like warning signs stating ‘Keep Out Police’ are subliminally engage and the members rock out in an old garage. Eventually the mysterious cop breaks into the band’s jam session as all hell breaks loose. He starts beating the drummer senseless and then slowly moves on to each subsequent band member. As if almost a bad dream, at the end of the video a reset button is hit and the beatings stop as the band is ready to play all over again.

On the video, Pabst member Erik says: “It’s got that super gooey, sticky chorus – innocent, although soaked in a little discord. And floating amid this sugary goo are these slogans, bold and simple, that wanna tell you: ‘It is too late to fix it. Stop playing along! The only way is to end it all. Let’s go back to the stoneage!‘”

‘Shake the Disease’ leads the release of Pabst’s debut album ‘Chlorine,’ due 13th July via Crazysane Records – bundles and exclusives can be purchased here.

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