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TRACK OF THE DAY: Far Caspian – ‘Let’s Go Outside’

Leeds quartet Far Caspian tap into the sunshine atmospherics of the moment, with new summer tune ‘Let’s Go Outside.’

The drums sit rather strongly in the mix providing punch to the guitar shimmer that punctuates the whole track. The song possesses eloquent craftsmanship despite its extremely close resemblance to bands like Real Estate and Turnover. Lyrics are delivered by Joel Johnston in a crisp, lo-fi radio-esque manner allowing for consistent story, good movement, and an easy listening quality to saunter over the upbeats of the track’s musical serenade. Whilst instrumentally sunny, Johnston’s words reveal deeper substance: “The lyrics touch on depression and feeling far from something you could call home.”

Yet, by 3m 30s any dynamic progression is subdued or altogether relinquished, understandably the song could’ve benefited from some additional elements in order to comfortably veer itself away from tedium territory. But alas. The track does, however, provide a refreshing feel-good energy well suited to the current heatwave that is blissfully rapturing Britain.

Far Caspian join Indoor Pets and Whenyoung on 26th Spetember for Dork Presents at Leeds’ Key Club. Tickets are available here.

Photo Credit: Jeff Barnett

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