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Emotional Journeying: A Playlist of Sentiment by The Kite String Tangle

Working under the stage name The Kite String Tangle, Australian singer and producer Danny Harley creates music evocatively charmed in sensuality and sentiment. Telling stories of alluring personality and endearing intimacy, Harley forms soundscapes of intricately layered orchestration and vibrant electro-pop, leading to his most recent body of work—In A Desperate Moment—which breaks new ground. Exploring onwards from his debut long-player, In A Desperate Moment focuses deeper on the storytelling of Harley’s sonic escapes, pulling back the electronics a touch and investigating the organic elements of his sound more so.

Currently on UK soil, The Kite String Tangle have already played stunning shows in Brighton for the Great Escape, this week sees the band take in a collection of headline shows alongside appearances at Dot to Dot festival. Ahead of these live dates, we tracked down the artist to fill us in on a few tracks that bring out all the feels.

The XX – Angels

One of the first tracks that introduced me to The XX. I’d never heard something so bare and intriguing, I actually didn’t like it at first and now it’s one of my favourite songs ever, few songs can give you a journey that broad.

The National – Terrible Love

Hearing this song for the first time gave me a feeling I’d never gotten from music before. Some sort of mix of nostalgia and vastness, it’s like a smell that reminds you of travelling in a foreign country, just instantly takes you somewhere and it’s a little bit magical.

Jonsi & Alex – Happiness

I have always had a soft spot for ambient music and the places it can take you. This is one of my favourites ever and is a sonic journey through the textures that Jonsi and Alex have devoted their lives to crafting.

Moderat – Bad Kingdom

Moderat were one of the first bands I listened to that were mostly electronic based rather than band based, and this is one of the first songs that I’d heard that really balanced dark electronic with traditional vocal driven songwriting. Amazing song.

Radiohead – Ideoteque

Again, this was one of the first songs I’d heard that had merged electronic music with heartfelt songwriting. Takes me back to studying music in university. They were using samples of original experimental french musique concrete music, the depth of it all blew my mind, still does actually.

Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal

This has got to be one of the better techno journeys of all time. This track definitely introduced me to the progressive side of techno / electronic music.

George FitzGerald – Full Circle (feat. Boxed In)

This song is just a jam and also has the nostalgic feeling that I love so much….and it has it in spades. Beautiful song.

Tourist – Holding On (feat. Josef Salvat & Niia)

This is a beautiful vocal driven song that scratches my pop itch when I need it whilst still being quite understated and intelligent.

The Kite String Tangle’s In A Desperate Moment is out now – Stream/Purchase here.

Catch The Kite String Tangle at the following live dates:

Tue 22nd May – Stereo, Glasgow
Thu 24th May – Oslo, London
Fri 25th May – Dot to Dot Festival, Manchester
Sat 26th May – Dot to Dot Festival, Bristol
Sun 27th May – Dot to Dot Festival, Nottingham
Wed 30th May – Auster Club, Berlin
Thu 31st May – Paradiso, Amsterdam
Sat 2nd June – Primavera Sound, Barcelona
Sun 3rd June – We Love Green, Paris

Find The Kite String Tangle on Facebook and Twitter.

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