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TRACK OF THE DAY: Odina – ‘I’m Not Asking’

The Iberian singer-songwriter Odina presents us with ‘I’m Not Asking‘.

A sincere piece of writing from the 22-year-old; there are many depths and layers to this track that really stand out for me: the pushy, trembling guitars in the first chorus—especially as they leave you hanging on to the edge of your seat as the melancholic second verse comes in, which then makes way for a fanfare of despair as it hits the heartstrings in the next chorus, leaving you with a sense of relief that you too are not the only one who’s felt like this.

Although, there are a couple of niggling bits in the song where I feel like it could have been executed better; the phrase “I’m not asking,” however stylistically it may have been sung, feels rushed therefore isn’t clear, which bothers me. Also, at times in the line, “Every step of the way,” the vocals seem to be overkilled with autotune just a wee bit as the melody descends. These are tiny things of course, but for someone who can write such beautiful songs, I think a composition’s reincarnation into a recorded form deserves every detail to be allowed the same grade of excellence.

The uniqueness (however overused as a word) and the sonic identity of Odina is clear and that’s a hard thing to accomplish.

The new single ‘I’m Not Asking’ is out now – available to Stream/Purchase here.

Find Odina on Facebook and Twitter.

Jacob Shoobridge-Chandler
Musician, Songwriter, Graphic Designer and general Creative blob.

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