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TRACK OF THE DAY: The King’s Parade – ‘The Look’

From the point of view of the third wheel, the loser in a bizarre love triangle, The King’s Parade’s new single ‘The Look’ is a chilled-out ballad for those who’ve loved and lost.

Opening with a killer hook that is unquestionably catchy, this bluesy, soulful ditty begins in fine fashion. Building upon influences such as Alabama Shakes and Jack White, the quartet have molded a poppy yet rustic sound that is undeniable, it’s so easy to get lost in its divine melodies and luxurious arrangements. ‘The Look’ seems so effortless and natural in its execution, with a breezy yet earnest feel to it, that at least, initially, coaxes you into thinking this is a lighter song, in terms of content. The more and more time you give to it, the more darkness and angst is exposed, making for a great addition to any playlist.

Clocking in just shy of three minutes, The King’s Parade know how to craft a song with every moment put to good use, filled with consistently great melodies and guitar lines, bursting at the brim with character and prowess. The bridge towards the end brings a welcome change of pace and adds an astonishing shift in the dynamic, bringing the song to huge heights.

It’s easy to resonate with ‘The Look’ as it’s such a simple display of emotion, reeling of love lost. I could type a thousand words about ‘The Look’ but words wouldn’t do it justice, yes, it is true, a look can speak a thousand words.

The new single ‘The Look’ is out now – available to purchase on iTunes here.

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